• X-Press Truck Tools are specifically designed to increase a company's bottom line by protecting equipment and assisting your number one asset: The Driver!

    X-Press Converter Tool

    The X-Press Converter Tool addresses most fleets' connection needs when hooking up double and triple trailers. Apart from this, we also offer custom solutions to eliminate your connection issues. The XCT is made to last for years and is fully warranted. We guarantee success even when using massive tandem dollies!!

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    X-Press Lift tool

    The X-Press Lift Tool helps the driver raise and lower trailers (large, pups, gooseneck, dump and utility trailers) easily and quickly with minimum effort using a high-powered drill like device. Grain trailers get the additional benefit of opening and closing of the hopper doors. The XLT saves valuable time by getting the driver on the road quickly while protecting the company's equipment!

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    L2 Trucking Products

    Tour the history of L2 Trucking Products. Products made specifically for the trucking industry addressing efficiency, safety, and corporate profitability.

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    L2 Trucking Products

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